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Swan Valley Cabinet o/a Pleasant Valley Cabinets supplies a wide range of laminate and granite countertops in various styles and finishes.

Granite Countertops - Granite Countertops provide beauty and elegance, and are naturally durable and easy to clean. View our supplier GS Granite.

Laminate Countertops - Laminate Countertops are economical and easy to care for as well as available in a wide range of colors. Check out our suppliers WilsonartPionite, Formica, or Arborite for more information about the product.

Quartz Countertops - Quartz Countertops are a great maintenance free solution. View our supplier GS Granite.

Bevel Edge Countertops - Basically Bevel Edge Countertops are exactly what it's name implies. The countertop has an angle or rounded edge.

Self Edge Countertops - The Self Edge or Straight Edge is a straight flat edge.

Post Formed Countertops - Post Form Laminate Countertops are made to fit your budget and still maintain designer appeal. You can find out more information at FLOFORM. 

Cambria Countertops - Cambria Countertops are a natural stone surface that is elegant and practical. It is an ideal choice for a maintenance free countertop. More information can be found at FLOFORM.