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We guarantee our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. Extended warranties may apply to specific products as indicated. All warranties expressed or implied extend only to the original purchaser. Unpaid accounts are excluded from warranty.

In addition:


(I) Blum Hinges are guaranteed for the life of the cabinet. For 1 year, the replacement labor/service call is also provided at no charge.


(I) Plastic laminate countertops:

Core-joints in all laminated countertops are sealed during installation. However, these joints should not be considered "waterproof", as a 100% waterproof seal cannot be guaranteed. Swelling at countertop joints is not covered by warranty.

I)  Post-formed countertops are covered by the warranty of manufacturer at the time of purchase. (See attached Flo Form Countertops Warranty.)

II)  Wear and discoloration of laminate is not covered by Pleasant Valley Cabinets. These items are covered as per laminate Manufacturer's warranty.

(III)  Koenig Granite - 10 year warranty.

(IV)  Wood countertops - see item (E) Finishing


(I)  Wood products have a 1 year warranty.

(II)Solid hardwood components are warranted against cracking and excessive warpage. However natural wood products will experience expansion and contraction with humidity changes and therefore a certain amount of movement in solid wood panels will occur and is not cause for concern. (e.g. centre panels in 5 piece doors)

(II)  Softwoods such as pine are subject to more cracking, warpage and wear than hardwoods. These are natural characteristics of softwoods and as such are not covered under warranty.


Thermally-fused panels (i.e.: foil-wrapped doors & panels) are warranted against de-lamination & discoloration for a period of 10 years as per attached Thermovision Products Inc. warranty.

Note: When excessive or repeated exposure to heat (i.e.: hot appliances such as toasters or coffee makers) has caused the product failure, there may be limited/no warranty available. Warranty covers replacement of product only. Delivery and installation of new product will be charged at the normal rates for your area.


Pleasant Valley Cabinet's standard finish on wood products is a catalyst hardened lacquer. Our finishing products have been selected for their excellent appearance, smooth texture, and durability under normal use (i.e.: resistance to mild chemical cleaners, chipping, peeling).

Normal yellowing over time from ultraviolet rays from light is not a defect and is not covered by warranty

Warranty on all finishes is 1 year. Correction or replacement of defective finish will be subject to an inspection by a factory representative.


Adjustments to cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are required due to settling or shifting of the house are not considered product failure and are subject to a service call charge. Door/Drawer front adjustments can easily be made by the homeowner. (See instructions in the Care and Use Guide).

Care & Use Guide

We are confident that your purchase from Pleasant Valley Cabinets will provide you with years of satisfactory service. The following guidelines are intended to help you in the use and care of your product.


1. Lubrication - no lubrication is necessary for hinges or drawer slides. Lubrication of tracks of appliance garages with a paste wax may in some instances improve their operation.

2. Door Adjustment - hinge adjustment may be required for any number or reasons (i.e.: house shifting, drying or settling of new building materials, excessive forcing of a door or drawer, etc.). Doors can be adjusted easily using a #2 Phillips ("star") screw driver.

Hinge Adjustments

Side Adjustment

Side Adjustment.....+/-2mm

Depth Adjustment

Depth Adjustment...+/-2mm

  Height Adjustment  

Height Adjustment...+/-2mm

Note: In some special applications special hinges are used which require different adjustment techniques. If unsure of the required procedure, call Pleasant Valley Cabinets.

3. Door Removal - push on the main body of the hinge, while lifting up the tab at the rear of the hinge body.

4. Drawer Removal - for standard 3/4 extension drawers, pull the drawer out to it's fully extended position, then lift up on the drawer and continue to pull it out. When it will not come out any further, lift the rear wheels of the drawer tracks upwards and pull the drawer right out. Do not force the drawer at any time.

For full extension drawers, pull the drawer open to it's fully extended position. Then pull the release mechanism on each side of the drawer in the direction indicated on the drawer slide while continuing to pull the drawer out all the way. Take special note of how the drawer slides fit together to ensure that you get them put back in properly, as permanent damage to full-extension drawer hardware may result from incorrect re-installation.

5. Drawer Front Adjustment - is seldom required. If it is, simply loosen the screws that attach the drawer front to the drawer box one-half round each and loosen the handle bolts one round each. Then tap the drawer front as needed and re-tighten the screws. Do not over-tighten.

6. Other Hardware - sink front trays, lazy susans, etc. rarely need any adjustment or care. If need arises, call Pleasant Valley Cabinets for instruction.


1. Laminate - regular cleaning can be done with normal kitchen dish detergent or similar mild cleaning solutions. Caution should be exercised in using bleach as it may discolor your laminated countertop. In our experience, we have found that sprinkling baking soda on the countertop and then scrubbing with a wet soft brush, sponge, or washcloth works very well. We also have available a foam cleaner, specially formulated for laminates, should you require an occasional thorough cleaning. Do not use abrasives for cleaning laminate. Always place a surface saver of some type under hot pots, pans, toaster ovens, etc. to prevent possible glue de-lamination. (See attached Flo Form Countertops Information Sheet for Cleaning Instructions.)

2. Wood - No cleaning products (other than a cloth dampened by water only) should be used for the first six months, as this allows the lacquer to cure and age sufficiently. After this, a mild solution of Windex (or similar products) or dish detergent in water applied with a soft cloth and then wiped dry will very likely be all that is necessary to keep your wooden doors looking fresh and new for years. We also have available a foam cleaner called Cabinet Magic, a specially formulated cleaner for lacquered wood, should you require an occasional thorough cleaning. Do not use abrasives on wood products. Use of furniture oils and waxes is not required or recommended as they often cause a build-up and/or attract dust.

3. Solid Surface - refer to the care & use brochure supplied by the manufacturer (given to you at the time of the sale or delivery of your product). If you did not receive one, please request one.

4. Marble or Onyx - several products are available on the market for cleaning simulated marble or onyx tops. Carefully read the information on the product label and be sure not to use anything abrasive. To retain the top's full luster and stain resistance, a "Gel-Coat" polish designed for marble tops, or acrylic and fiberglass products is recommended.

Note: Water temperature should not exceed 150 F (65 C) for best long life performance of your marble top.

5. Granite Countertops - Reseal countertops once per year with granite countertop sealer. (Available at Pleasant Valley Cabinets.) It is advised not to treat your granite countertops like a cutting board, as some knives may mark the granite. If your granite countertop should take on a stain (i.e. grease), you can spray the stained area with a dry upholstery cleaner. Leave the cleaner on the countertop for several hours (i.e. overnight) and then wipe off in the morning. This should lift the stain. After doing this, we recommend re-sealing the area with the granite sealer.


1. Melamine or Laminate - follow the same instructions as for laminate countertops (see "B" - "1").

2. Wood Doors - follow the same instructions as for wood countertops (see "B" - "2").

3. Thermally Fused Doors - use only a mild soap solution, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Caution should be exercised with hot appliances (i.e.: toasters, coffee-makers, etc.) as the thermo-foil on these doors may shrivel or discolor from excessive or repeated exposure to heat.


Use only a mild soap solution. Do not use brass polish.


Follow the same instructions as for laminate countertops (see "B" - "1").


Please do not hesitate to call Pleasant Valley Cabinets at 866-734-9471 with any questions you may have.